About Us

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JAA Lifestyle or Jumpstart an Amazing Lifestyle was founded with a vision to provide financial freedom or an extra source of passive income to its global community members. It gives a chance to people to become self-dependent without investing large sums of money. We welcome and help people from all walks of life to see and achieve their dreams. With its minimal plans and programs, the company puts forward the greatest offers for its members. 

Jumpstart an Amazing Lifestyle was founded with the vision to provide a passive source of income to people and help them increase the standard of living without having to pay huge sums of money to standardize their living and without worrying about their future. The model of JAA Lifestyle is laid in a manner that the maximum number of people can connect with the company. 

The ultimate goal of the company is to endure the world with financial freedom and giving everyone the equal opportunity to sustain in this highly competitive world. With their once in a lifetime concept of financial freedom, the company is putting its best foot forward in providing opportunities and empowering people. 

About the founder

Joseph George is an independent owner and founder of JAA Lifestyle. Professionally, he is an online marketer. With a very wide vision of sustaining high income, he is working hard to achieve his goals of providing everyone with an opportunity of financial freedom. He runs his company from it’s headquarters at Once Canada Square, London, England. Along with him, a team is engaged to support his vision. 

How JAA Lifestyle works?

JAA Lifestyle works on the networking process and it gives a free hand to its users when it comes to earning through watching advertisements. One can earn upto 243 rupees in a day which totals to around 7000 in a month and this is just by viewing advertisements on our online portal. If you too wish to join our life changing campaign, all you need to do is to register on our web portal or on our mobile application with all your details and start viewing the commercials. 

Ways of earning from our website

The website has been recently launched in India. Although the portal is not fully functional, however, it still offers numerous ways to earn a good income every day. These ways include:

  • Watching commercials displayed on the platform: You just need to view the advertisements and you are done. 
  • From the referral campaign of JAA Lifestyle: Share the idea of JAA Lifestyle, promote it within your acquaintances and you will get the deserved reward.
  • From the future share revenue model: In this, who ever registers with the company before its launch will get some shares of the company and these will amount to approximately Rs 18,000. 
  • Additionally, you can earn from the promotional rewards of the company: These are the rewards given from the company to its users for their great performance.
  • Monthly team income (this is subscription based): The more downline you create and the more downline your downline create, the mre you earn.

Why Choose Us?

Not that JAA Lifestyle is increasing its user base to every town and village of India, so there can be no perfect time than this to join JAA Lifestyle and start earning. Choosing us comes with a lot of privileges, you not only uplift your living standard with JAA Lifestyle but also can stop worrying about the future. The opportunity can turn out to be an overnight miracle for you and can completely transform your life. The company has the limitless potential that may slip out if you don’t avail it at the right time. 

India Office and Contact of JAA Lifestyle

Office Address: 48, Sri Sai Vaibhav Complex, II Stage, 80 ft Road, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore, 560079

E-mail: [email protected]